Name ::
Thai BBQ Chicken
Price ::
8.50 pounds
Chicken breast marinated in various Thai herbs, pepper
and coriander then grilled. Served with sweet chili sauce.
"Gai Yang" or Thai BBQ Chicken, the word "Gai" means
a cock or a hen, "Yang" means "to grill".
This BBQ dish is sold not even in a restaurant,
but also along streets of Thailand. Furthermore,
Itís usually sold by a peddler.
Name ::
Thai BBQ Pork
Price ::
7.95 pounds
Pork Chop Marinated with coriander, pepper.
Served with Thai-northeast style sauce.
"Moo Yang" or Thai BBQ Pork, the word "Moo" means a pig,
"Yang" means "to grill".
Normally Moo Yang is sold as the same way as
Chicken Satay is in Thailand, on bamboo skewers.
Name ::
Weeping Tiger
Price ::
12.95 pounds
Sirloin, marinated with special sauce, pepper, coriander.
then grilled and served on a sizzling platter.
The name "Weeping Tiger" or "Seua Rawng Hai" came
from a story. Long time ago Thai people didnít know
the way to treat a cow to get good quality beef.
Beef in that time was very tough. A man once said,
"Even a tiger would cry if he chewed the beef".
These days we know how to make it tender but still
call it by the same name.
Name ::
Goong Yang
Price ::
14.95 pounds
Grilled King Prawns, marinated with coriander,
garlic and pepper.
Served with special sauce which Thai People call
"Seafood Sauce" or "Nam Jim Talay".



Please Note:

We use oyster sauce or soy sauce to do our grill dishes.


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