Name ::
Thai BBQ Chicken
Price ::
9.50 pounds
Chicken breast marinated in various Thai herbs, pepper
and coriander then grilled. Served with sweet chili sauce.
"Gai Yang" or Thai BBQ Chicken, the word "Gai" means
a cock or a hen, "Yang" means "to grill".
This BBQ dish is sold not even in a restaurant,
but also along streets of Thailand. Furthermore,
Itís usually sold by a peddler.
Name ::
Thai BBQ Pork
Price ::
8.95 pounds
Pork Chop Marinated with coriander, pepper.
Served with Thai-northeast style sauce.
"Moo Yang" or Thai BBQ Pork, the word "Moo" means a pig,
"Yang" means "to grill".
Normally Moo Yang is sold as the same way as
Chicken Satay is in Thailand, on bamboo skewers.
Name ::
Weeping Tiger
Price ::
12.95 pounds
(Price may vary depending on market)
Sirloin, marinated with special sauce, pepper, coriander.
then grilled and served on a sizzling platter.
The name "Weeping Tiger" or "Seua Rawng Hai" came
from a story. Long time ago Thai people didnít know
the way to treat a cow to get good quality beef.
Beef in that time was very tough. A man once said,
"Even a tiger would cry if he chewed the beef".
These days we know how to make it tender but still
call it by the same name.
Name ::
Goong Yang
Price ::
14.95 pounds
(Price may vary depending on market)
Grilled King Prawns, marinated with coriander,
garlic and pepper.
Served with special sauce which Thai People call
"Seafood Sauce" or "Nam Jim Talay".



Please Note:

We use oyster sauce or soy sauce to do our grill dishes.


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