Erawan Waterfalls (ӵѳ)
in Kanchanaburi ( ҭ )


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Welcome to
Erawan National park in western
Thailand. This is one of the
most beautiful waterfall in the country.
The colour of water may be
different depending on which season
you make a visit.

I went there in Thailand
summer time ( Mar-May)
There is less falling water
than the raining season but
the colour of water is like
you see in the pictures

The waterfall has 7 levels
for you to climb up and take
photos. It takes you
about an hour to an hour and
a half to reach the top of
the waterfall.
This depends on how strong
you are.

The water is clear.
The scenery is wonderful.

At the top of it, give
yourself a break and enjoy
the freshness of water.

It's worth climbing up here,
I insist. After enjoying your
whole body in a pond at
the top, don't forget to think
about getting down to the
ground floor. ^ ^

Besides of the waterfall,
there is a dam called
Srinakarin for you to enjoy
the rest of the day, seeing
the sunset, having snacks at
dusk and so on.


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